Everything at Once

With the start of the new year not long ago, like many others, I made a few resolutions to focus on in the new year. Other than the generic spend less money and be healthier, I noted for myself the unique goal of making progress towards the purchase of a new primary residence in downtown Charleston. I have a personal notes app that I keep on my phone and with a tab open in my browser with this resolution easily visible as a daily reminder to continue making progress towards that goal.

However, as is always that case, there are simply so many other desires and distractions that make it incredibly difficult to maintain the lazer focus on this one primary goal. For example, a good way to save money is to spend less on food and alcohol at social events, but as a single guy living in downtown Charleston, there seems to be some “special” occasion that I can’t miss every week. Whether it be a friend from out of town visiting unexpectedly or a friend moving away and wanting to have one last shindig or going to meet a young lady for drinks, the temptation to spend money is a constant. In addition to that, there is always another vacation to be planning, another doctors appointment, another gadget to buy, another undervalued stock, another thousand distractions that compete for our attention and our wallets.

When you try to achieve everything at once, no single task or goal makes much progress. As difficult as it may be, it takes honest prioritization, focus, and patience to accomplish the new life milestones or small daily tasks one at a time.

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