I’d like my first blog post to try to characterize everything to come. If one word captures my lifestyle, my thought style, my past and my future, my interests and passions, and the way that I’ve consumed it all, that one word would be “perspective”. Everywhere I’ve been, and everything I’ve learned has granted me greater context and perspective in life.

“Its all relative” is a very common saying among seasoned travelers. The way each of us experience the world is relative to the things we experienced yesterday and the past 10 years as well as the things that we expect to experience tomorrow and the next 10 years. That is true whether you’re living in Charleston, San Francisco, Lima, or Kathmandu; whether you’re 8 or 80 years old; whether you’re net worth is one hundred million or one hundred dollars. And that truth is an incredible thing. The amalgamation of everything that encompasses gives each of us an entirely unique perspective on life, from which we make decisions and judgements every minute of every day. Know that and value that, but also remember that everyone else has their own unique perspective.

This blog will be my perspective. It will be my own thoughts as I seek to understand and appreciate and advance in Charleston, South Carolina, my new home.

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