Rivalry Week

Being born and raised a Clemson legacy, having earned a bachelors degree at Clemson, and having flown the Tiger Flag all around the USA and world, I have absolutely nothing good to say about (the real) USC. Growing up in South Carolina, it is determined that you will support one of the two major sporting universities in the state for life. Your hatred for the rival is established even before you understand all the various arenas in which the two compete. Before I fully comprehended the game of football, I knew well that we needed to best the Gamecocks every year in every meaningful way. And as I progressed in life and ended up attending one of the universities, that passionate loathing for the rival was only compounded.

However, as much disdain as we have for our bitter rivals, lets not forget that outside of the weeks that we play each other, deep down inside, we don’t mind it if the other school does well. Because if our rivals do well for themselves, that only makes us look better after we crush them so bad they’ll be thankful for the mercy rule.

During this week of reminders to give thanks, I’d like to proclaim that I’m thankful for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, with their stupid mascot, in their terrible city, with their obnoxious fans. Because together, we are first and foremost representative of the great state of South Carolina, my proud birthplace and current home. That’s a bond that we share with each other and no one else, like it our not. So while I wish the absolute worst upon you today, USC, I do hope you win whatever bowl game you attend, have a good recruiting class next year, and improve so that you’ll appear all the better when we destroy you again next year.

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