What’s Important

My first hurricane season back on the East Coast, USA has been eventful. Since August, there have been three large tropical storms pass through the Charleston region, and now as I write this today, Hurricane Matthew is threatening to become the most destructive Hurricane in years. Matthew has already had a deadly impact on Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. Most recently, President Obama declared a Federal State of Emergency in Florida. Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s governor, very wisely declared our own State of Emergency on Tuesday. I-26 had a lane reversal so that both sides of the highway only flowed west, away from the coast. I have since escaped through the chaotic crowds and standstill traffic to upstate SC, where my family lives.

As I write this, the full destruction of Matthew is ongoing. But a warning message that I’ve heard reiterated many times in the past few days is “know what’s important. Buildings can be rebuilt, property can be repaired, but lives cannot be relived.”

Where will you escape to during your next disaster? Who will you think immediately about? Who will be the fist person you contact? Those are the places and people most important in each of our lives. You didn’t even have to think about it; I didn’t either.

The question then becomes why does it take such catastrophic occurrences to slow life down and remind us of what’s important?

Stay safe, everyone!

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